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Why NuvoDesk is Perfect for Digital Nomads

Leslie Radford

Learn why coworking spaces like NuvoDesk offer the flexibility digital nomads crave while being cost-efficient and providing a nurturing work environment


The digital nomad movement has been around for about a decade. It began when remote workers from North America and Western Europe started relocating to lower-cost countries to live and work combining online work and international travel, building careers and lives on the road. The movement was ultimately inspired by Tim Ferriss’s bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek

According to MBO Partners, nearly 5 million independent workers fit the digital nomad description, with 17 million more aspiring to be nomadic.

Many digital nomads, who are freelancers, are regular customers of coworking spaces around the world. They make up the majority of people working in these spaces. Most work in the IT industry, followed by PR, marketing, and remote sales teams. Overall, freelancing is probably the largest population found in the coworking space according to Ergonomic Trends.

How Digital Nomads Use Coworking Spaces Like NuvoDesk

Digital nomads are typically digitally savvy, entrepreneurial-minded, and are open to exploration and various experiences. That’s why they love traveling and trying out new places, meeting new people, and why coworking spaces are perfect for location-independent entrepreneurs.

Productive Work Environments

Having reliable internet and productive environments are paramount to the way digital nomads earn a living – two things coworking spaces provide.


Remote workers love flexibility. To have the ability to work from anywhere in the world and still make money while exploring local culture is very appealing. 

Flexible agreements with coworking spaces such as NuvoDesk are also appealing. Because flexible agreements allow location-independent works the ability to work where you need to when you need it, there is no pressure, no overpaying, and no rigidity of long-term leases and financial commitments.

Unless you’re only visiting for the day at NuvoDesk, remote workers can access our coworking space 24-7, so you decide when to work. Renting a traditional office is expensive and locks you into long-term contracts. But not in coworking spaces. You only pay for the time you need.


Think about the cost-efficiency of such solutions. Coworking spaces usually offer built-in amenities that are likely included in your membership like front-desk and cleaning staff, printing services, internet connectivity, kitchen and bathroom amenities, conference rooms, office utensils, coffee, and snacks.

Maybe you’re in town to meet up with clients but meeting at a coffee shop just won’t do. Conference rooms can be rented for an affordable price and help you maintain your professionality and provide a neutral ground for the both of you.

Networking Possibilities

When you’re surrounded by other people working remotely or freelancing remotely, you can make professional contacts. They may not give you work but may know someone that can because they also have a large network of people they have met in their journeys.


Support of Location Independent Workers

NuvoDesk is appreciative of our long-term members, but we love meeting new people who stay for a short while, too. Most of our remote entrepreneurs prefer to rent a shared desk where they can work in a modern-contemporary setting that has a network of support, a vibrant community, and access to various amenities.


For the digital nomad, the world is your oyster and NuvoDesk is proud to be a part of your worldly experience.


By Leslie Radford
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