Podcast Room

  Seats up to 4 people

  Good for podcast audio and/or video recording

In the NuvoPodcast Room, podcasting takes on a whole new level! We provide high-quality equipment and resources to help you create professional podcasts. Whether you're just starting out or already an experienced podcast creator, our podcast room is perfect for your podcasting needs.


Get ready to produce the podcast you have been planning and waiting for. In our NuvoPodcast Room, you will have the opportunity to use high-quality equipment to produce high-quality podcasts. We make sure that you have everything available for you to grow your business, presence, and voice, all you need to bring is your voice and a USB! Ready to record your podcast? Reserve your NuvoPodcast Room!

If your show is something you're serious about, you need a good podcast studio setup. NuvoDesk strives to provide high-quality equipment for you to produce high-quality podcasts. Prior to using the equipment, our NuvoDesk staff will check with the guest or member on the condition of the equipment prior to their use of the space, along with following the podcast room use as well.


Rode Mics


Logitech Cameras