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Arlington coworking spaces have been hard to come by until now. NuvoDesk Coworking is changing the way freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals work. Whether you’re working solo or as part of a team, you can count on NuvoDesk to offer an upscale, luxury office space designed to fit your needs.

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NuvoPodcast Room

We provide high-quality equipment and resources!

NuvoDesk's NuvoPodcast Room revolutionizes podcasting with top-tier equipment and resources, setting the stage for high-quality production. It's more than just a space; it's a commitment to empowering your voice and growing your presence, backed by meticulous support and care from our dedicated staff.

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NuvoProduction Room

We're here to help bring your vision to life!

NuvoDesk's NuvoProduction Room is a creative haven equipped with all the tools for photographers and videographers to manifest their visions. It's not just a room but a realm where your creativity unfolds into reality, transforming your aspirations into tangible, stunning outputs.

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Day Passes

Get access to NuvoDesk Arlington for a day!

Experience the flexibility and convenience of NuvoDesk with our Day Pass and Day Pass Bundle. The Day Pass grants you full access to our innovative coworking facility for an entire day, while the Day Pass Bundle provides access for five distinct days, offering you the freedom to tailor your work schedule according to your needs. It's more than just a pass - it's your gateway to a dynamic environment designed to inspire productivity and innovation.

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Virtual Mail

Establish your small business by opening a mailbox.

NuvoDesk's Virtual Mail service provides a professional business address for your venture, elevating your brand's credibility while ensuring privacy and convenience. Whether you're setting up a Google My Business account or simply looking to separate your business and personal correspondence, our service alerts you to incoming mail and packages, even without a physical office space in our facility.

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Notary Service

NuvoDesk Coworking is more than just a workspace. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the varied needs of today's dynamic professionals. A key component of our service offerings is our notary services, designed to save you time, eliminate hassle, and streamline your workday.

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  • Kelvin Evans
    Really have enjoyed being here so far. The staff is very friendly and the amenities are too shelf. I will be here for awhile.
    Kelvin Evans
  • William Fisher
    Well-maintained and friendly, professional staff. NuvoDesk provides many environmental details to enable a person to conduct focused work.
    William Fisher
  • Realtor Ratyra at Forever Moore Property Group
    With easy access to HWY 360, NuvoDesk is the perfect location to meet clients, film podcasts, and generally conduct business for hardworking entrepreneurs on the go.
    Realtor Ratyra at Forever Moore Property Group