PaperCut MF

We are beyond excited to offer a printing service called PaperCut MF! This new service is available to all of our NuvoDesk members, guests, and staff.

Download & Install Printer

Below are the links to install the PaperCut MF Printer Drivers to your computer based on your software. If you are using Chrome as your browser, make sure you also install the PaperCut MF Extension for Chrome.

You will receive an email directly from PaperCut for your Account Creation. It will include your username and password which will allow you to print directly to each of our printers. Once your document has been sent successfully you will need to use the Identity Number (this is your pin code) to log in to the printer and retrieve your job.

The best part about our printing software is how easy it will be for you to print your documents. Once you follow the correct link based on your software from the links above to set up your mobility printing, you will be able to print as easily as CTRL + P.

All users should keep their login and Identity Number private. It is assigned per person and every individual will be responsible for any and all printing activity that takes place with their account with PaperCut.

Once you have installed PaperCut MF on your computer, you will need to make sure that you change the computer from the destination to either the EastPrinter or the WestPrinter through Mobility Print. If you are having problems locating this, our NuvoTeam is here to assist and support you.

Mobile Printing

PaperCut offers mobility printing. All you need is an Android, Windows, or MacOS device. They also offer a Google Play app that can be found here. Do you need a walk-through?  Use the helpful videos below.

Android Devices

Window Devices

MacOS Devices

Having Issues

Check out PaperCut’s step-by-step guide on how to install each version of the software below.