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The Top Business Podcasts You Need to Be Listening To

Key Points

Check out some of our favorite business podcasts 

Everywhere you look, there’s a new podcast. There’s a podcast for everything, from being a new mom to murder mysteries to educational content and entertainment, you can find a podcast that will spark your interest.

At NuvoDesk, we are all about your small business, so we compiled a list of business podcasts you should take a listen to! Whether you’re a seasoned executive looking for something to listen to during your commute or just someone who’s always itching to learn something new, grab your smartphone and earbuds and learn with us!

Best Business Podcasts

Radical Candor

Radical Candor is all about how to succeed at work without sacrificing your humanity and happiness. Amy Sandler hosts discussions about why it’s important to have honest communication when working (with yourself, management, and coworkers), and how honesty will help you build relationships that will lift you up and help you succeed. 

Topics discussed on the podcast include how to have candid conversations at work, how managers and business leaders can create a culture of guidance and feedback, and how to stand up for yourself in the workplace.  

The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher, the host of The Goal Digger Podcast, is an experienced educator and digital marketer. Described as a live workshop, the show helps businesspeople learn first-hand about how to define their own personal success and chase after their dreams and she does it in a fun, upbeat kind of way.

Topics covered include productivity hacks, creating business pitches, improving your website’s SEO, social media tips, and how to build the job of your dreams. Kutcher is often joined by notable guests and industry experts, like entrepreneur Lori Harder.   https://jennakutcherblog.com/goal-digger-podcast/

Happiness At Work

Happiness At Work is an interview-based podcast featuring authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leading industry experts that discuss, well, happiness at work. 

It is great for business professionals looking to create a better work-life balance or those simply looking to maintain their happiness levels on the job. As a listener, you’ll learn actionable tips for creating a positive and uplifting workplace culture and the benefits it brings to the workplace. The best summary of the show comes from the creators themselves — “We believe that happiness at work should be the ‘norm’ and not the exception.”  

TED Business

You’ve heard of TED Talks, but have you heard of TED Business? This is a great podcast for high-quality snackable business content. Host Modupe Akinola talks listeners through getting a promotion, setting realistic goals, and forming positive workplace relationships. You’ll leave with actionable tips for forging your path, as, at the end of every show, Akinola gives a mini-lesson on how to apply the tips discussed within the episode. 

Market It with ATMA 

This podcast is from one of our very own. Advent Trinity Marketing Agency is located right here in NuvoDesk. In fact, they do our marketing! You’ll learn in-depth marketing techniques that include using social media, website design, and SEO practices, the value of customer service and so much more. 

Professional Development

These are just a few of the top business podcasts out there. Professional development is so important to your business and consuming content by listening on the go is super easy to do. If you have a favorite, we would love to hear from you! Post a link in the comments!

By Leslie Radford
NuvoDesk Coworking Event

4 Reasons to Use NuvoDesk for Your Next Event

Key Points

Professional event space with the latest technology, a location that’s easily accessible, and a space that’s just the right size.

Have you been searching for the perfect backdrop to your client’s next conference, meeting, training, office party, or special event?  If you’re planning an event in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you’re probably searching for a venue that has enough space for your attendees but also offers an inspiring environment that’s professional and provides the amenities you need to host a successful event. 

Head to NuvoDesk in Arlington, TX, where we offer the latest technology, a location that’s easily accessible, and a space that’s just the right size. While we are best-known as a coworking space in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our events venue can be set up in a number of ways to meet your creative or professional needs. 

Reasons to Book Your Event with NuvoDesk

Reason #1: Technology

Event space technology

We offer all the technological tools that you will need when hosting a corporate meeting or event. With big screens, a sound system, wi-fi, podium, microphone, flip charts, and whiteboards, you can be sure to pull off your conference, meeting, or training session without a hitch. Not only can you host an in-person event, but you also have the ability to go virtual.

Reason #2: Location

Finding a central location will help you accommodate the most people. NuvoDesk is easy to find and located off Highway 360 and Arkansas. It’s convenient for travel from DFW International Airport. We just increased the size of our parking lot to accommodate additional vehicles, so there is plenty of parking. 

Reason #3: Size

NuvoDesk can accommodate up to 150 people in our event space. From small- to medium-sized events, you’ll have plenty of space to host your company event. See our layouts. Our space offers plenty of room to set up catering stations, group sessions, vendors, and more.

Reason #4: Services and Amenities

wine bar
wine bar

While we do not have a kitchen, we can provide tea, coffee, lemonade, and fruit, or you are welcome to bring in caterers. NuvoDesk also has access to wine and beer to provide at your event. Table linens are also available. And, of course, as mentioned, we have audio/visual addons. We will set up and break down tables, chairs, and equipment that is provided by NuvoDesk, however, you will need to handle any outside resources that you plan to use and provide your own cleanup crew.

Book Now

Let us help you with your next function. We are happy to discuss any accommodations and what would work best for your event. Give us a call or book your event now! 


By Leslie Radford

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Focus on Customer Service This Holiday Season

Key Points

Going above and beyond for your customers will keep them coming back.


We all know that it’s far more affordable to retain your customers than it is to attract new ones. It’s important that you know your customers and how you can go above and beyond for them. The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to remind your customers why they should stick around for another year (or more).

While every day is a good day to delight your customers, these best practices are especially important around the holidays, when stress levels rise and patience levels drop. Here are some ways you can do extra for your customers this season.

6 Ways to Delight Your Customers This Holiday Season

happy man reaching in box at christmas

1) Prepare for the holiday rush

The holiday season is a crazy time, so make each and every interaction with your company a positive one. Being prepared will help you do so. While customers may expect longer lines and wait times around the end of the year, it’s never a bad thing to surprise them with the opposite. Keep your customer service team well-staffed so they can engage with customers when needed. Limiting how many people they have to interact with will keep frustration levels low and holiday spirits up.

2) Pay attention to your social media channels

Consumers send more messages to businesses during the holidays. According to recent research by Sprout Social, retailers can expect an average of 18% more social messages per month during 2021’s holiday season than normal months. More and more, people are wanting to interact with customer service on social media instead of standing in lines or holding the phone. Interaction with messaging systems is much more convenient.

Have support reps available to help on social media, and maybe even add more reps to your channels during the holiday season to ensure someone is always ready to help. You’ll also be meeting customers where they already are, helping them succeed during the holiday season and continue to have seamless experiences.

3) Offer a compelling discount

By a compelling discount, we don’t simply mean “10% off your next order.” Instead, try a discount that will inspire your customer to continue shopping with you.

What that looks like will depend on your product or service. You should focus on the value your product or service provides customers, not just the price you discount it by. In other words, position yourself in a way where buying your product is a complete no-brainer.

Write your promotion carefully. According to Psychology Today, a “Get $ Off” promotion emphasizes achieving a gain, while the “Save $” wording emphasizes avoiding a loss — and customers recognize that difference.

4) Get personal

Great customer service is about more than just solving your customer’s issue. Go above and beyond to personally remind your customers how grateful you are for their business and why you care. 

We may live in a digital world, but it means a lot to receive something handwritten, and capitalizing on the holiday spirit in this way can build a positive brand association. This could be a simple greeting or thank you card in the mail or as extravagant as a gift delivered to their door.

Here are some of his best practices for personalized communication with customers:

  • Use tone and language that aligns with your customers’ knowledge and experience with the product.
  • Listen to your customer and empower them. Asking the customer direct questions about their preferences both personalizes the experience and builds their confidence in the product.
  • Send follow-up messages to customers after each interaction to thank them and offer further assistance if needed.
  • Recommend features and tools based on their history and business needs and always provide notated documentation.
  • The strategy of sending personalized notes or gifts works well because, with every exchange, customers are encouraged to become brand ambassadors.

5) Invest in premium packaging

Anyone that’s spent any amount of time wrestling with a roll of wrapping paper and tape dispenser knows the value of a pretty package. In fact, according to a recent Dotcom Distribution packaging study, branded or gift-like packaging makes customers more excited about receiving an item, especially younger shoppers. 

Moreover, 42% of respondents credited sustainable packaging as a feature most likely to make them want to shop with a brand again. 

First impressions make a huge difference in our fast-paced, digital lives, so using premium packaging allows your product to stand out against others. 

6) Be transparent about the small print

Refund and exchange policies, as well as additional services, are often part of the small print on your website or receipts. As busy and loud as the holiday season is, do your customers a favor and place those policies and services front and center. 

When buying gifts, customers prefer a return policy that ensures they can easily return them. You have a better shot at increasing sales and keeping if you can offer this, especially if you offer free returns. In fact, 55% of consumers won’t even shop with a company that doesn’t offer free returns.

Delight Your Customers

white christmas gift with red bow

These customer service strategies are a chance to delight your customers, express your gratitude, and remind them why you care.

By offering compelling discounts with creative call-to-actions will inspire your customers to buy, but great customer service is why they will return. Remember to focus on the value that you are bringing your customer, not just how low you can get your prices.


By Leslie Radford


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How to Plan Your Office Holiday Party in 2021

Key Points

Things to consider when planning your holiday party along with ideas for virtual and in-person events

If your office is back to working in person, your holiday party may look a little different this year with social distancing still being a thing. If you haven’t returned fully to in-person, you may be looking for new ways to still host a holiday party to boost morale. Either way, NuvoDesk can help you out with ideas and steps to plan the perfect holiday party at work.

Be Mindful of Your Holiday Gathering

Holiday parties are meant to celebrate your company’s accomplishments and express gratitude to your employees. And my goodness, do we ever need little celebrations and to cherish moments of gratitude after 2021 and 2020!

Taking into account the necessary Covid precautions, there’s a little more preparation that will go into your end of 2021 company party. You want to be mindful of everyone’s comfort levels considering we are still amid the pandemic.

Your employees may feel more comfortable with an in-person party that requires masks. The ones who don’t want to wear masks or be so close to others may prefer a virtual party. The best thing you can do is ask them what they want so you can make everyone feel comfortable and have a good time.

Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Gatherings

  • Host an online white elephant gift exchange.  Using a site like https://www.whiteelephantonline.com/, you can have fun exchanging gifts while social distancing. Set a gift amount limit, meet up online, unwrap a gift from the virtual table, and view & steal gifts from fellow participants just like in person.
  • Virtual holiday pub quiz. Pub quizzes are a fantastic way to bring the team together. This lively holiday party idea is ideal if you have some trivia fans in your midst, and it works well for larger groups. Transform a regular pub quiz into the perfect holiday party quiz by adding some festive flair. You could fashion your own game on zoom or use something like https://breakoutiq.com/.  This can easily be set up for an in-person gathering.
  • Painting party. A virtual painting party is a great option for organizations looking to buck the party trend. It’s a relaxing experience that your team can enjoy together to embrace the holiday season, and it makes a refreshing change if being lively and extroverted isn’t your team’s style. Many companies out there will arrange for painting supplies to be sent to your party guests with instructions so everyone can paint together!
  • Virtual Happy Hour. Choose a platform to host your happy hour (Zoom works) and spice it up with a theme (ugly sweater contest anyone?). You could play drinking games or give everyone a chance to share a holiday cocktail recipe. The options are limitless. You could also use something like Hoppier.com to set up and send out virtual credit cards for your team members where they can order drinks to be sent to their homes and it’s also a simple way to give back to your coworkers. 
  • Escape Rooms. Good for team-building and also just downright fun! These will be hard to reserve throughout December, so plan well in advance. Afterward, grabs some drinks or dinner.
  • Rent a Movie Theater. Rent out a movie theater and watch the latest blockbuster with all of your employees. It’s an easy way to get everyone together in one place without having to worry about food or drinks.
  • A Cookie Decorating Class. Can be done in person or virtually or both! Decorating is fun for everybody and adds a flair to a traditional holiday party while doing something a little different. 

How To Host A Successful Holiday Party

christmas office party close up

Planning, setting up, and hosting a successful holiday party comes down to a lot of small decisions. Here are some things to consider when planning a holiday gathering whether in-person or online:

Set A Date  

  • Send a survey to employees with possible date options
  • Select the date with the most votes
  • Send a “Save the Date”- this can also be done via monday.com

Budget It  

  • Determine how much you want to spend for a budget to be set.
  • List party elements in order of importance (entertainment, food, decoration, gifts, etc.)

Type of Party  


  • In-person event
  • Hybrid event
  • Virtual event
  • An after-hours party
  • Formal event
  • Casual affair
  • Themed party
  • Venue 
  • At the office
  • At a home
  • At a local venue

Tip: Consider the following elements when selecting a location for your event: price to book the location, size/maximum occupancy, the proximity of the venue to work, and available facilities.


  • Pay for Uber rides
  • Hire a bus
  • Have a carpool sign-up sheet.


  • Buffet
  • Sit-down dinner
  • Floating appetizers
  • Venue-supplied food and beverages
  • Potluck


  • Holiday-themed cocktails
  • Open bar
  • Just wine (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)



  • Holiday music
  • Live entertainment
  • DJ
  • Low-key tunes
  • Games


To make those precious memories last, you can hire a photographer and set up a photo booth to capture holiday laughter and fun.

Party Time

festive guitar

Whether you decide to have an in-person party or a virtual one, the key is for everyone to have fun!

Need a space to host your holiday gathering? NuvoDesk has an event center perfect for you! 


By Leslie Radford
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