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Mobile Apps to Help Startups Thrive

Startups are in a unique and precarious situation in the business world. In some sense, there is less risk involved than with a larger company as not as much is on the line. On the other hand, however, there is also less stability. A company that already has capital and investors has more wiggle room for mistakes. Startups must learn how to maintain growth while also establishing a leadership position. Fortunately, there are a few mobile apps that can help make this process much easier and more efficient. NuvoDesk has compiled these great apps that will help entrepreneurs and startups to increase their productivity, save money and earn more money.

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1. Gusto 

Gusto is an application that helps to simplify many aspects of human resources such as employee benefits, payroll, and more. HR is a difficult area for many startups to develop as it costs a considerable amount of investment and requires some complicated paperwork. Gusto greatly simplifies these challenges by automating payroll, tracking payments, and offering a shared network where employees can access files and other important information. This app was launched in 2011 and has since become a staple amongst startups around the country. It’s easy to use and offers some great monthly discounts.

2. Dropbox 

Dropbox has become one of the most recognizable applications for businesses both large and small. In fact, this app has over 500 million users across the world. Dropbox is primarily designed to store documents, videos, and other file types without taking up room on a computer. It represents a safe and convenient way to store data and important documents. Dropbox is currently used by 200,000 businesses to help manage and secure important files. This application also makes it easy for employees to access a shared network of data from any location.

3. Evernote 

Small businesses and startups balance on a fine line between steady growth and quick failure. Miscommunication is one of the greatest causes of mishaps and mistakes within the startup world. All entrepreneurs who rely heavily on communication and collaboration should consider using Evernote. This application simplifies the process of communication by offering a cross-platform where coworkers can share ideas and information in the form of written, visual or verbal formats. Evernote also allows users to attach documents and other data files for added clarification. This app works on all sorts of devices to help increase efficiency.

4. Slack 

Maintaining consistent contact with employees is even hard in a small startup. Even the smallest companies have separate teams that must operate on individual projects in order to keep business moving. Slack is an application designed to help entrepreneurs maintain contact with their employees in an easier, more organized way. Instead of sending endless emails or memos, Slack allows users to create forums for individual or groups discussions. These discussions can be targeted to whole groups or only between two people. Users can also share documents with other members of the chat. Both phone and video call options are available.

5. Zoom 

With a rapid increase in technological abilities, companies are finding new ways to connect and communicate. One of the most popular forms of connection for the 21st century is video conferencing. This allows startups to conduct regular meetings without the need for all employees to be in the same place. Zoom is a video-conferencing application that is widely regarded as the best provider for this service. They offer an intuitive interface where users can make several different video calls. Zoom is currently used by almost 700,000 users around the world. This application is a must-have for any small businesses that operate internationally or with employees who simply can’t be in the same place all of the time.

Growing a small business and running a startup isn’t the easiest of business ventures. They require a lot of commitment, risk-taking,and dedication. Fortunately, there are a few applications that can help make the process a whole lot easier. These five apps can help companies to enhance communication, increase productivity and organize important documents. All of these components come together to create a growing business that is destined for success.

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