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Four Group Scheduling Tools to Use in 2022

Leslie Radford

Key Points

Take a look at 4 group scheduling tools and the features that make an ideal scheduling app you can use to create a more effective scheduling process


Finding time in your schedule can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to find free time both in your own schedule and those of your team, especially if you work remotely or with third parties.

A group scheduler will enable you to mitigate unnecessary back-and-forth emails and ultimately reduce friction in your workflow.

Here, we’ll go over the features that make an ideal scheduling app and explore the best group scheduling tools you can use to create a more effective scheduling process.


What to Look for in a Group Scheduling Tool

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Before you begin comparing, it helps to know what makes a good group scheduling tool — simply having integration with your calendar apps isn’t enough.

Let’s take a look at the most important features of a scheduling app.

App Integrations 

A good scheduler offers powerful app integrations that allow you to engage with and sell to prospects. Your tool should integrate with:

  • Calendar apps (e.g. iCloud Calendar, Outlook, Google Calendar)
  • Sales automation tools (e.g. lead generation, growth, email, etc.)
  • Customer relationship management software (CRM)
  • Email providers (e.g. Gmail, Outlook)

These integrations remove points of friction from your workflow and streamline the sales process. Ideally, your scheduling app would also integrate with video call software, automatically providing the option to include a link in the invite.

Private Scheduling Page or Meeting Link

The app should allow you to create private scheduling pages or links to sign up for already-scheduled meetings. Most first-rate schedulers also feature some customizable elements for those pages, including color themes, the ability to select available time slots, and the flexibility to create custom meeting lengths.

Additionally, these pages allow you to cater to invitees in different time zones by automatically shifting your availability to fall in line with their work hours.

Optimized for Mobile

Your prospects likely check their email, browse the web, and accept invites by phone. The best scheduling tools are optimized for mobile, allowing prospects to easily book time on your calendar or RSVP for existing events without having to access a desktop browser.

Privacy & Transparency

Your scheduling app will probably require a lot of information both from you and your invitees, especially if it needs access to their calendars and contacts. You don’t want to risk exposing that information — or worse, make your prospects feel like they’re vulnerable to cybersecurity threats if they share their information with you. A group scheduling tool should offer privacy settings and options. 

Intuitive Set-Up

A top group scheduling app should be easy to set up and use. You should have a private scheduling page or unique RSVP link within minutes of signing up without a fuss.

Best Group Scheduling Apps

Let’s take a look at 4 different apps that are easy to use, offer security, and integrate effortlessly.

1) HubSpot Meetings: Best Overall for Scheduling Group Meetings

HubSpot Meetings simplifies and automates what used to be a very arduous and often manual process.

Fully integrated with HubSpot’s CRM platform, the Meetings function allows you to:

  • Cut out back-and-forth scheduling emails
  • Provide transparency and flexibility for your team or prospects to schedule with you when they see you’re free
  • Smooth out the lead-capture process by asking key client questions before the meeting even happens

The tool can be embedded in your site and set to reflect your branding for both client and in-team communications. Once a client inputs their information to create a new meeting, their data is collected into a database, which you can use for future contact with them and to grow your clientele as you get more connections.

HubSpot Meetings also offers the option for group meeting links. You can alter the settings so that you receive notifications once new meetings are created and include critical meeting information within the link, such as meeting length and subject matter.


Seamless integration with the HubSpot CRM platform and all of its sales tools

Seamless integration with your preferred calendar app

Personalized group scheduling link that you can send to anyone

Ability to create group meetings based on group availability or round-robin availability

Stringent security standards for both inviter and invitees

Ability to choose team members within the app (no need to enter their email if you’re in the same organization)

Best For

Because of its robust CRM integration, HubSpot Meetings is ideal for creating group meetings with prospects and with external stakeholders. It’s a scalable tool that can accommodate the needs of freelancers up to enterprise businesses.

Pricing: Free

2) Doodle: Best for Scheduling Quick Group Meetings on Mobile

Doodle is arguably one of the best schedulers available for smartphones. Currently compatible with iOS and Android, Doodle relies heavily on the polling function to crowd-source available meeting dates.

Doodle first lets you set up a MeetMe page, where you can display your free times and choose your designated branding. You can set up a poll of your available dates and times and let people vote on time slots that are convenient for them by sending them a link via email or directing them to a URL.

It offers several response options — not just the yes or no binary — and allows choosers to rank or explain responses. You can see who has responded and who hasn’t and keep responses to a limited number if needed. It’s also compatible with most calendars.


Integration with popular apps, such as Zoom and Zapier

Personalized group scheduling link that you can send to anyone

Ability to create group meetings based on group availability even without logging in

Stringent security standards for both inviter and invitees

Ability to invite team members within the app if you’re on a Team subscription

Best For

Because of its quick “Create Doodle” button and mobile app, it is recommended for those who need to create a quick group meeting on mobile. However, Doodle is still a powerful tool for more formal meeting scheduling, especially if you upgrade.

Pricing: Free; $6.95/month (Pro, 1 user); $44.75/month (Team, 5 users)

3) Bookeo: Best for Scheduling Group Activities and Services

Bookeo is a booking system and scheduling app that allows you to schedule appointments and meetings. While it’s designed to function as a reservation platform for small businesses, the tool allows you to provide a self-scheduling link to prospects and customers using their advanced scheduling feature.

The app syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, and Office 365. It also gives you the ability to create recurring bookings. If you and your client would like to speak every week, this would be the app for you. It also allows you to embed a user-friendly appointment scheduler on your website, with support to include multiple sales reps and staff members.


Integration with popular apps, such as HubSpot and Gmail

Ability to create recurring group meetings and appointments

Personalized round-robin scheduling link that you can send to prospects

Ability to establish calendar availability on the scheduling page

Stringent security standards for both inviter and invitees

Best For

Bookeo is primarily an appointment scheduling tool for services, classes, and activities. It is recommended for service or activity businesses that need a strong group scheduling tool.

Pricing: $14.95/month (Solo); $29.95 (Small, 3 users); $39.95 (Standard, 20 users); $79.95 (Large, 40 users)

4) Calendly: Best for Automating Group Scheduling

Calendly is a well-known scheduling app. It has a very simple and aesthetically pleasing interface. It’s user-friendly and offers cross-software compatibility, making it a popular choice for external clients. It connects with Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, iOS Calendar, and Google Calendar.

To use the tool, you simply enter your availability into Calendly, which then provides you a link to your calendar. When communicating with people you need to set up a meeting with, just send them your link, and it will show the times you are available.

They can then choose a meeting name, time, length, and location. This will generate a meeting on your calendar, and a notification will be sent to remind you and your invitees before the meeting begins.


Integration with popular apps, such as HubSpot, Zoom, and Zapier

Personalized booking page or form for individual team members

Personalized round-robin scheduling link that you can send to prospects

Ability to establish calendar availability on the scheduling page

Stringent security standards for both inviter and invitees

Best For

Calendly offers built-in workflows that will allow you to follow up with attendees and send reminders — all with a single click. It is recommended if you’re looking into automating elements of your group scheduling process.

Pricing: Free; $8/user/month (Premium); $12/user/month (Pro)

Use a Group Scheduling Tool to Grow Better

Ultimately, the options are endless for group scheduling tools. The choice is up to you which one fits your workflow. Whether you value privacy, efficiency, or transparency, any one of these services would be worth investigating for your business. With the tools listed above, you can create a scheduling workflow that improves your sales process, allowing you to exceed quotas and delight your customers.

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By Leslie Radford
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