Golf Simulator

  Seats up to 5 people

  Good for interactive team meetings

If you’re looking for a great way to have an interactive team meeting or an engaging meeting with one of your clients NuvoDesk has you covered with our Golf Simulator. Within business hours NuvoDesk members and guests can utilize the Golf Simulator in its many different modes from Practice to Courses or even Games!

Our Golf Simulator is run by Trackman technologies, who has a golf simulator that allows you to experience the outdoors every single day. The technology provides you with the ability to practice like a pro and is trusted by the best.

The courses that you have access to currently are at 140 and counting! With Trackman continuing to add at 3 every month the diversity is never-ending. The Courses provided give you access to not only Full Courses but Par 3 as well. As you select your course youtube to choose how you play, whether you want it during the day or in the soft evening light. You get a pro experience for you, your team, and your guests with Trackman!

For additional information about Trackman please visit their website at!