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Podcasting in 2022: What You Need + Steps To Get Started

Leslie Radford

Start a podcast in 2022 at NuvoDesk


Maybe you listen to podcasts but have you ever thought about starting your own?

Podcasts help businesses build authority with their audiences. It is simpler to persuade your audience to spend money on your products and services if they perceive you as an expert in your field.

How to Start a Podcast

  • Find a unique and compelling topic or theme.
  • Set up your show format.
  • Record and edit your episode.
  • Finalize your creative assets.
  • Build a promotion strategy.

Find a unique and compelling topic/theme to cover

The first step in starting a podcast is to come up with a topic. It might originate from a person’s interest in or expertise in a certain topic. This can come from research you’ve done on your target audience if you’re a brand.

At its foundation, your podcast should address a certain audience. Because if no one is interested, you will be speaking to an empty “room.” 

The goal is to dive deeper into your idea and see if it’s worth pursuing.

To do this, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has this been covered before in another podcast? If so, is there another angle I can take?
  • Is this idea relevant and timely?
  • Is there an audience for this? If so, what type of listeners will it attract?
  • Is there enough content to create a season?

Set up your show format

The beauty of podcasts is that they can take on almost any format.

Some are conversational and interview-based, with one or many presenters bringing on guests, while others focus on storytelling (fictional and non-fiction). It’s up to you to choose whatever format best fits your theme.

Begin by conceptualizing your episode segments, which divide your program into chunks, to make it simpler to follow for listeners.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as acts one, two, and three. It’s all about figuring out how to deliver the tale in a way that grabs and holds the audience’s attention.

Record and edit your episode

It’s time to record your first episode now that you’ve figured out all of the creative elements of your podcast.

While it may be nerve-wracking, think of it as a warm-up. After reviewing the tape, sort out any flaws in the episode in terms of segments, flow, storytelling, and so on.

Don’t be hesitant to seek out other people’s opinions. While you’re still working on your podcast, this is a great opportunity to make notes on how you can enhance it before it goes live.

Finalize your creative assets

Don’t finalize your name and logo during the initial development stages. Your project may have grown into something different from what you first envisioned as it progressed from concept to production.

Furthermore, after making your first episode and naming your episode, you may find that you have additional inspiration.

Build a promotion strategy

It won’t be enough to have a brilliant podcast premise to attract listeners. To get it in front of your target audience, you’ll need to develop a solid promotion campaign. How can people listen to something they aren’t aware of?

The pre-launch comes first. Promotion should not begin after your first episode has aired, but rather before.

Why? It creates excitement for your program and might help you get a significant listenership right away. Share on platforms you’re familiar with as well as ones you haven’t yet explored.

Once your show is live, be persistent in marketing the episodes, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways.

You could discover that sharing audio clips from episodes generates more interest than posting about your guests. Alternatively, vice versa.

Continue with what your audience reacts to. Tracking your metrics will show you where you’re being listened to the most and what topics your audience is most interested in.

Maximize your podcast by publishing it on YouTube. Consider recording both video and audio – particularly if your show is educational or conversational.

Positive reviews can help you get more listeners. Consider holding a contest to encourage your audience to leave a show review as part of your post-launch campaign.

Building better relationships with your audience

NuvoDesk is here to help you start a podcast with our podcast production room. We have created the opportunity for small business owners to have access to high-quality spaces and equipment to produce their brand, presence, and voice in an increasingly virtual world. Access high-quality equipment like cameras, microphones, headphones, a soundboard, mouse, keyboard, and lighting in a noise-reduced room. 

You don’t even have to be a member to rent the production room.

Need help getting started? You can hire a NuvoPodcast Tech to assist you with your podcast!


By Leslie Radford
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