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Six Ways NuvoDesk Can Enhance Your Working Week

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NuvoDesk offers a flexible neighborhood workspace for professionals who want to split their time between home, the office, and a coworking hub.

After more than a year of working remotely, most of us have gotten used to working outside the office. Rejoining the traditional office setting has become less appealing. The drive to work in traffic is off-putting and sitting at a stationary desk in a static office is not ideal. Today’s workforce wants variety and flexibility.

Working from home (WFH) has benefits that people have come to value during the Covid-19 crisis, including no obligation to commute, a more relaxed dress code, and more quality time with friends and family.

WFH also has challenges, however, not least the tendency for work and home life boundaries to blur. In early 2021, research into the realities of working from home found that people were spending longer at their desks than they did before the pandemic. In the UK, USA, Austria, and Canada, the average length of time employees spent logged on to their computers increased by around two hours a day.

It’s no surprise, then, that businesses are adopting a hybrid approach. This model of working – which allows staff to spend some time at home, some at the company, and some at a third location, such as a local flexible workspace – offers all the benefits of remote working while helping employees stay connected to company culture.

Here, we outline six ways that including visits to a flexible or coworking space like NuvoDesk can enhance your workweek, while boosting productivity, focus, and creativity.

Enjoy a professional environment

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Some people boast natural get-up-and-go, while others need to be nudged into the work zone.v It’s well known that our environment has an impact on performance and productivity. Cluttered kitchens or cramped bedrooms acting as offices are not conducive to either.

Modern coworking spaces are all designed with productivity and professionalism in mind. For instance, NuvoDesk has natural light, workspaces equipped with ergonomic desks and chairs, and boasts amenities you can’t get at home or in the traditional office setting. Comfortable and easy-going, NuvoDesk is set up with work in mind and can immediately put you in the right headspace for a good day’s work.

Join a creative community

In the new world of work, visits to the company office are likely to be for the purpose of collaboration, but if your creative juices are refusing to flow between meetings, spending time at a flex space could help.

Coworking alongside a mix of other professionals may spark your imagination, and may even help you find like-minded new friends you can bounce ideas around with.

Fight feelings of isolation

People are naturally sociable beings, and being isolated at home for lengthy periods can have a negative effect on the mindset.

Whether it’s a quiet nod at the coffee machine or a breezy chat over the water cooler, interacting with others at a local coworking space can offer the social buzz we all need to be happier and healthier.

Reliable Wi-Fi

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A key refrain we’ve all heard repeated during the pandemic is that people can now work “wherever there’s WiFi”. However, as anyone who’s ever experienced Zoom freeze will attest, not all WiFi networks are created equally.

Like corporate offices, flexible workspaces benefit from an IT set-up that’s better than anything most of us have at home. NuvoDesk is equipped with a secure, high-speed WiFi network and offers access to printers and scanners, which can remove additional stress from your working day.

Time well spent

Whether it’s checking emails over breakfast or laboring late into the night to finish a project, when you work from home, time becomes more elastic than when you work in an office. On average, remote employees work six hours more per week than they would if based in an office.

Working from a coworking space sets firm boundaries between work and home, allowing you to switch off properly at the end of the day.

Ditch domestic distractions

Procrastination is all too easy when you work where you live. Whether it’s the ever-growing pile of laundry taunting you, your noisy neighbors who don’t get it, or frequent disturbances from family members that break your concentration, it can be tough to properly focus on professional tasks.

Using a physical office space away from home will remove these domestic distractions, providing vital peace and calm so you can focus solely on the workday ahead.

Work Remotely

Embracing a new professional lifestyle can give you the freedom, motivation, community, and convenience you desire. NuvoDesk always has a spot for the remote worker.

By Leslie Radford
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