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Get a healthy meal and take care of last-minute needs at NuvoDesk Café!

How would you like to take a break at our in-house café?

Food options include sushi, sandwiches, salads, and more with our intention to offer healthy food to help fuel your creativity.

All food items will be stocked daily and will be monitored in real-time through a POS system called YOKE.

You can order your food quickly through either using our app or with the tablet in the café.

NuvoDesk members will be given the option to create an account to earn loyalty points to earn credits to use for items in the café.

Our goal is to create a one-stop culture with a work environment that enables you to maximize your productivity and minimize time needed to get a drink, snack, or a meal through the NuvoDesk Café.

At NuvoDesk, our goal is for you to maximize your productivity.

Our café is convenient with healthy drink and food choices and allows you the time to focus on your work and grow your business while at NuvoDesk.

It will save you on time away from your office at our location and utilize your time in our collaborative office environment.

We are also planning on stocking necessity items in the café including charging ports and cables for most smart phones, tablets, and other devises, surge protectors to ensure your electronics stay safe, basic over-the-counter medications, and last-minute gift items in case you have a special event coming up and need to buy something quickly without leaving the office.

NuvoDesk Café will help you order healthy and fresh food quickly and easily, save the wear and tear on your car with not having to travel for food or last-minute items, and help maximize your productivity while working at your office at NuvoDesk.

Join us at NuvoDesk and check out our café.


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