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3 Reasons You’re Stressed at Work and What to Do About It

3 Reasons You’re Stressed at Work and What to Do About It

By Leslie Radford

Key Takeaways

Take Breaks
Reduce Screen Time
Change Your Work Space

The paperwork, the people, the service, the meetings, technology issues—sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. A little stress isn’t bad for you, but when you start feeling burnt out, that stress can cause serious harm to your health and well-being.

While certain stressors may be obvious, there are also smaller ones that stack up that you may not even realize are contributing to your overall stress at work. Read on to find out what these are and the simple steps you can take to overcome them.

Not Taking Enough Breaks

Schedule in breaks by chunking your day into specific time blocks in order to minimize your fatigue while also enabling you to refocus and create a structure for your day. Take a break every 90 minutes to two hours to do an activity that revives you.

NuvoDesk offers a golf simulator to help you clear your mind for few minutes every day. We also have a break area with drinks and snacks. Check out our rest and relaxation room where you can go to recharge throughout the day.

Too Much Screen Time

Most of us stare at a computer, phone, or tablet all day. Digital content consumption has increased significantly recently, which can lead to exhaustion, a lack of focus, and increased stress and irritability. There are glasses that are designed to alleviate digital eye strain that helps filter blue light, glare, and UVA and UVB light emitted from digital devices.

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Sitting in the Same Space All Day

Fatigue can set in if you’re working in the same spot for hours on end. Switching up your workspace can help you refocus and reduce your stress levels. NuvoDesk has many areas you can switch up your working space with including conference rooms, lounges, and a café. Comfy chairs and couches can help you feel a little more relaxed.

Be Less Stressed

With NuvoDesk, you can create a stress-free work place. Switch it up, move around, take a break, and invest in blue light glasses!

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