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How to Leave Us a Review

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Learn why customer reviews are important, how you can leave one for NuvoDesk, and tips for leaving an informative review

When someone wants to buy something, they ask friends and relatives for recommendations, they research the brand online. HubSpot Research found that customers trust recommendations from friends and family over any type of online marketing and advertising your brand can create. 

According to BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews are much as personal recommendations — the single most trustworthy and credible source of “advertising” out there.

HubSpot Research also found that 60% of consumers believed customer reviews were either trustworthy or very trustworthy — meaning that businesses that can accumulate positive reviews had a good chance of them helping a customer make a purchase decision.

Why Are Customer Reviews Important?

Customer reviews are important because they help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), especially if you are a local business. Having reviews on popular review sites like Google lets you own more SERP (Search engine results page) real estate for branded search terms. In essence, the more reviews you have, the more people are going to see your business online.

Reviews are crucial for your company. They have a huge impact on the buying decisions of your prospective customers. As consumers and prospects have turned more to self-guided research, they rely more on the opinions and experiences of other customers in reviews when evaluating options and making purchasing decisions. Research also confirms that “customer proof” is the most important factor when a consumer is researching your business.

Having positive reviews helps build trust and confidence in your business and its products/services.

As you can see, reviews are vital to a business’s growth and success. And NuvoDesk would like to ask a favor of you: Please leave us a review!

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How to Leave NuvoDesk a Review

Were you impressed with NuvoDesk Coworking and want to spread the word? With a few clicks, you can leave a Google review to inform others about your experience. Leaving a Google five-star review helps others in need of a flexible working space that fits their budget. 

Leaving a five-star review is easy! Tell everybody about NuvoDesk by following these simple steps:

Sign in at If you don’t have an account, please create one

Go to our Google Maps listing: NuvoDesk Coworking

Find the left sidebar and scroll past our review summary.


Click the star farthest to the right and type a review about your personal experience with our coworking services.


Tips for Writing an Awesome 5 Star Review

Whether you have a shared desk, a dedicated desk, an office, or only visited us for a day or two, we want to hear from you

Do you want to leave a five-star review but don’t know how to start? You can write a compelling five-star Google review by following these simple tips:

Tip 1: Share something special. Did NuvoDesk exceed your expectations? Be specific when describing your positive experience. Describe what others can expect as well.

Tip 2: Write with personality. Be creative and thoughtful in your review and express what impressed you most about our service to you.

Tip 3: Include variety. Write about a wide range of aspects of your positive experience with our services, from our customer service to how our office space made you feel.

We value each and every one of our coworkers and dedicate our business to helping yours grow. Leaving a review shows your support and greatly appreciate it! See more examples here


By Leslie Radford
Asking for review

The Top 3 Ways to Ask For Reviews

The Top 3 Ways to Ask For Reviews

By Leslie Radford


Customer reviews do miracles for your business. They bring a lot of credibility to your company, build your brand reputation, and provide the kind of social proof needed to influence consumer behavior. When asking for reviews or testimonials, there are three basic ways to obtain them.

customer reviews

At the Point of Sale

The most immediate, personal, and direct way to ask for reviews is to ask at the point of sale or care. Asking for reviews at the point of sale is a fantastic way to capture reviews and testimonials moments after their experience.


You can also capture their information beforehand and ask for a review via email. Email should be at the top of your list of channels for requesting reviews if you’re just getting with review generation. According to research, approximately 70 percent of reviews come from post-transactional review request emails. Personalize your email by putting careful thought into your request in a way that individually acknowledges each recipient. Keep the message and survey short. Customers will be more likely to complete the request if it takes less than a couple of minutes.

Text Messages

Another way to capture reviews is through SMS messages. Fifty-six percent of all online reviews are posted from mobile devices, so if you send customers a survey or a review request via text message, they’re most likely to click on that link. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate and are typically read within three minutes, whereas email typically has a 40 to 50 percent open rate. 

Get Reviews

At the end of the day, the best way to get reviews is to consistently provide outstanding customer experiences. Sometimes those five-star reviews and testimonials may come without the need for you to ask but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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