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Ideas to Bond with Fellow Coworkers in a Coworking Space

Ideas to Bond with Fellow Coworkers in a Coworking Space

By Leslie Radford


Entering a new workspace can seem a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone there. Or maybe you’ve been at your new space for a few weeks now and you haven’t made any real connections with anyone. Studies show that positive relationships with coworkers create a good work environment, boost job satisfaction, and increase productivity. So why wouldn’t you want to click with your fellow coworkers? 

Here are a few ideas to create a bond with new coworkers: 

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Remember people’s names.

A person loves his or her own name. If you want to come across as a friendly person, try to remember people you meet and greet them by using their name to leave a positive impression. 


Whether it’s for lunch, a drink after work, or a walk around the building for a fresh air break, invite coworkers to join you. This is a great way to get to know each other in a casual setting. What do they do for fun? What are their weekend plans? Have they read any good books recently? Discovering who they really are as a person creates an even stronger dynamic. Keep it light-hearted, don’t gossip about other coworkers and keep a positive spin on conversation topics, and you’ll be part of the gang in no time. 

Don’t be “that” guy.

“That” guy that doesn’t take a hint. “That” guy that’s always gossiping. “That” guy that is in everyone’s personal space. “That” guy that only talks about himself. We all know one of “those guys.” 

Be a good listener.

Listen first when you are having a conversation and be genuinely interested in the projects that your coworkers are doing. People are also impressed when you remember something they haphazardly told you months ago and you ask about their progress or mention that you thought of them when you encountered something similar. 

By following these tips, you’ll be a favorite around the office soon.

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Why People Succeed In Coworking Space Environments

Why People Succeed In Coworking Space Environments

By Leslie Radford

Researchers who have studied why employees succeed show that there is a correlation between workplace satisfaction and coworking spaces. It is surprising to note that people who operate from coworking spaces record a higher level of success. The success rate is a point higher than those experienced by employees who work in regular offices. This is a strange phenomenon, and we need to take an in-depth look at these success rates and understand the variance.

For starters, we need to define what these working spaces are. Simply described, they are membership-based work areas where a diverse group of people independent professionals, freelancers, and remote workers gather in a community-based shared setting. Can we learn any lessons from these spaces that can be applied in traditional offices?

To understand this concept better, a group of community managers and coworking space founders conducted surveys on hundreds of independent professionals working in the shared spaces. The study was done across the U.S., and it revealed several vital predictors of success.

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The Perception and Mindset of the Workers

One of the things that was clear following the survey was that people in these workspaces consider their work to be meaningful. Most of these are freelancers and independent professionals who perform tasks and jobs that they care about. These people find meaning in what they do because they are passionate about it.

In a traditional office setting, most people are working for the same company. They may be in different departments, but they are all brought together by the umbrella company. This is unlike the coworking spaces where the members are working for various companies and handling diverse projects. This means that there is no direct competition and no room for internal politics. These members do not feel like they have a persona or image to maintain so as to fit in. Another distinct element is that workers in these spaces have a stronger work identity. There is no fear or threat that someone is out to get their job. These freelancers were given a chance to tell the group what they do, and you could immediately see a high sense of confidence, self-worth, and regard for their jobs.

A High Sense of Social Value

The culture created in these workspaces instills a social value. These workers are able to help each other because no one is competing with another worker. This culture of assisting each other becomes the norm. The workers who meet in these spaces all have unique skills, and they are able to share these skills among themselves. The high sense of a social mission is also derived from the Coworking manifesto which is signed by over 1,700 working spaces. The declaration articulates that these communal spaces are designed to inspire learning, collaboration, community, and sustainability. This means that people are not just reporting to work, they feel like they are part of a community and social movement.

It is essential to note that the concept of socialization was not forced on these members. These workers still have the freedom to decide when and how they want to socialize. There are those who prefer to enjoy meaningful discussions over coffee, while others can interact as they work. There are still those who prefer to work alone and in solitude, but it was interesting to note even for these, the sense of community was important in fostering a strong sense of identity. The fact that workers know that they can interact freely when they desire helps to promote a community feel and freedom.

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More Job Control

The sense of job control is enhanced in the working space. These spaces are accessible round the clock, and the workers get to choose the working times. People get to decide whether they prefer to work during the day or at night. They also have space where they can work when they need to meet deadlines. These workspaces also allow for relaxation time. There are quiet spaces where people can relax. While the areas are communal, people still have the choice to sit in a quiet space or share a table. A sense of job control is also instilled in the fact that people can choose to work at home without any repercussions. There are days when perhaps the nanny is not available, or a repair person is coming to fix something.

The studies done revealed that these coworkers value autonomy. However, it was also interesting to note that they also prefer a level of structure in their lives. It was clear that too much independence can hinder their productivity and this is why a communal working space was essential to maintain the balance. Being around people who are focused on their projects helped to instill a sense of discipline and even motivated these workers to work harder and meet their deadlines. The conclusion here was that workers need both structure and freedom to operate optimally.

The Way Forward for Traditional Companies

The tremendous effects of communal working spaces cannot be ignored or denied. If you are doing a  search for a coworking space near me, you can easily get an office space in Arlington. The question now becomes how traditional companies can benefit from the same model. It is true that coworking spaces derive their origin from freelancers, tech industry professionals, and entrepreneurs. However, this type of setting is also relevant to traditional organizations. Companies and organizations are increasingly adopting this model as part of their company strategy. The move is designed to help workers become more productive. Several companies have incorporated the coworking space Arlington model in the following ways.

Coworking space in Arlington creates an alternative workspace. Michael Kelly, the managing partner of Co-Merge, says that he has seen a dramatic increase in the number of teams and workers who prefer to use these spaces. He reports that several global companies are using this model as a way to increase employee productivity and also to attract workers who are keen on flexible work time and workplaces. These factors have created a demand for these coworking spaces.

Anthony Marino of Grind who is in a similar business also records a high number of remote workers who are now members. Anthony says that he gets employees from different organizations such as Visa, Chicago Tribune, and other organizations affiliated with them.

Rebecca Brian Pan of Covo echoes the same sentiments. She says that working away from the office setup helps to spark new ideas among employees. She tried this work model on her team, and the results were great. The team was taken out of their office to observe how they would work and the pain points. They observed more team effort, a high sense of energy among the workers, and the team was also able to come with fresh and creative ideas based on the product they were working on.

How to Apply Coworking Spaces in Offices


Aspects of the communal working spaces can still be applied in traditional offices. If you are looking for a coworking space near you, you will be delighted to note that coworking Arlington spaces are available. It is important for managers to support a mobile workforce in an effort to encourage flexibility. While in some cases is it hard to achieve this, there are ways to increase flexibility without necessarily creating an open plan office layout or opening a coffee joint in the workplace.

It is possible for people to adjust their work settings based on what they feel gives them a sense of purpose and meaning. For instance, companies can change their desk to seat rations and allow either for collaborative workspaces of quiet work settings. When it comes to team projects, these communal workspaces can be used, or members can be transported to coworking spaces in a new environment. This can be done for the life of the project.

Organizations are also working towards enabling more connections and interactions. The connections should extend beyond work meetings. This can be fostered through networking spaces, social events, summer camps, and other social events. Such settings can help spur a sense of unity which can encourage innovation. These settings also make people more relaxed and free to share their ideas and thoughts about the projects they are working on.

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The Verdict

Based on this research, it is evident that the combination of a well-curated workspace and environment is instrumental to the productivity of any workforce. This is why people in independent professions and those who cowork demonstrate a higher sense of job satisfaction. This is in comparison to those in traditional office settings. The research also shows that there is a strong correlation between productivity and autonomy. Companies must, therefore, strive to get a balance between structure and independence. While employees want to be free, they also need structure to keep them focused. Office space Arlington settings give the best of both worlds.

Traditional companies need to pursue ways to ensure that they allow workers to bring out their best. The result will be a more dedicated and motivated workforce. The coworking space also creates an excellent breeding ground for ideas and innovation. There is also less employee turnover in coworking Arlington work situations. Overall, it is a win-win situation for both the employees and business owners. Your organization can reap the same benefits. Get a coworking space in Arlington and make strides towards employee satisfaction.

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