When our CEO envisioned NuvoDesk, he saw a space where the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses would be nurtured and flourish. Upon NuvoDesk’s launch, it will be Arlington’s largest and most contemporary space for coworking.

Coworking is a valuable alternative for entrepreneurs and startups who want to save money and get work done. Using your bedroom or garage as an office can work, but what happens when you need a quiet spot? What if you need to meet with a client? Coworking can let you put your best foot forward and help you get ready for the next level.

NuvoDesk aims to provide an atmosphere where you can work quietly, or you can collaborate with teams of others. While you’re here, you can network with other entrepreneurs and startups, and you’ll be surprised what you can learn from one another.

NuvoDesk is truly focused on you, because we believe that by fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs, we are investing in the world.

During construction of the NuvoDesk facility, Our CEO was approached by a large company wanting to lease the space where NuvoDesk would be. Our CEO had a chance to back out of his project and recoup his investment there on the spot, but he turned the offer down, citing that Arlington’s next generation needed this space.

As part of his mission, Our CEO plans to start up a thinktank with local high school students, college students, and local business leaders to brainstorm ideas for local businesses, schools, and municipalities.

Here at NuvoDesk, if you are a member, you’ve got an exceptional opportunity to even get funding for your business idea or startup. The NuvoDesk Investment Panel hears ideas from people just like you, and a few lucky pitchers will receive funding.

Starting out is exciting and scary all at the same time, but at NuvoDesk, you’ll find a home full of like-minded people, resources, leading-edge tech, and everything you need for productivity.

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