Virtual Mailbox

From $40 per month

Send and Receive Mail from Your Arlington Virtual Mailbox

If you’re working from home or on the go, then you might be lacking a mailing address. While you can certainly use a personal address to send and receive mail, many professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are turning to virtual mailbox services.

With NuvoDesk’s Virtual Mailbox

you’ll be able to send and receive mail from an exclusive Arlington address. Keep your private information safe and let your customers know you’re the real deal with a business address. You can use your address online and offline to brand your image and build authority.

Getting a Virtual Mailbox at NuvoDesk is easy!

Just contact our team today, and we’ll walk you through the process. Once you’ve received your exclusive address, you’ll be able to use it for sending and receiving mail right away. The cost is affordable compared to the amazing convenience offered by our Virtual Mailbox service!

The Virtual Mailbox Service

is also a great way to scale your business. If you find that your company is growing beyond your home or on-the-road office, consider looking into the NuvoDesk Office Memberships so you can get to take advantage of office space, conference rooms, a video production room, and much more!