Nights & Weekends

$129 per month

Nights and Weekends Membership for 24/7 Creators

Your creativity never takes a break, so why should we? At NuvoDesk, you can enjoy quiet time in a collaborative space when you need it the most. Whether you’ve got a desk during the rest of the week or just need a place to work your side gig, the Nights and Weekends membership has it all.

Harness Your Creativity as a Nights and Weekends Member:

You’ll Be Part of a Community

Although you’re only here part time, you’ll be surrounded by a full time community of creators just like you. Network and enjoy social functions with a like-minded community outside of nights and weekends, if you choose.

Enjoy True Quiet Time

Outside of business hours, the NuvoDesk co-working space is still buzzing with creators, but the atmosphere is different. If you want a little more quiet time and room to grow, a Nights and Weekends membership is for you.

All the Benefits

You’re welcome to enjoy all the NuvoDesk benefits: shared desks, standing desks, conference space, lounge area, the cafe, the golf simulator, the video production area, and more.

The Night Owl Gets the Worm

Get the most out of your time and creativity with a Nights and Weekends membership. Enjoying all of the perks listed here, plus many more starts today. Set up a free tour of our facility today to see what NuvoDesk can do for you. Of course, you can reserve your Nights and Weekends membership at any time!