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How Environment Can Affect Your Workflow

The dreary setting of a cold grey cubicle isn’t anyone’s idea of the perfect workplace. It’s depressing, it’s noisy, it’s sterile, and it’s uncomfortable, and definitely not the ideal situation for productivity. It’s a place that makes you want to call in to work sick. There’s no comfy furniture, no socializing, just you, a phone, a computer, and a desk. The employees’ lounge and workrooms are just as drab.


Day after day you resent the fact that you ever started working in such a lifeless office, and there’s a reason why: Our environment affects our mood, therefore, affecting how we work.

Office furniture, noise levels, distractions, lighting, air quality, and temperature are among the top factors influencing employee productivity. And studies show a parallel to office design and employee efficiency. In fact, a study by the American Society of Interior Designers states that office design is one of the top three factors that influence job performance and satisfaction. Research by the National Institute of Health has found that the colors that surround us have a profound effect on how well we are able to complete tasks – they can be mood enhancers or downers.

Did you know that having a comfortable ergonomic chair helps workers stay focused on tasks, instead of getting distracted by the feeling of discomfort? Studies have found that employees’ productivity can be increased by 17.5 percent. Other studies show that well-ventilated workplaces increase productivity by 61 percent and natural light boosts concentration skills by 15 percent. 

Now imagine going to work in an office with a cheerful color scheme, cushy chairs, and windows galore. The clean lines and sleek spaces are inviting. People are socializing in the lounge, the noise level is minimal, and the natural light coming from the windows just oozes a sunny disposition of creativity and success. All of these things change your mindset quite a bit, doesn’t it? This is the place you’ve always wanted to work in. 

It’s amazing how the right design affects how you work.

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4 Tips for Developing an Office Space that Inspires

Offices can be pretty boring – a chair, a desk, a filing cabinet – not very inspirational. But we can bring in a few things that will make our workspace feel more like a work haven.

Add Color to Your Office

You may not be able to paint the walls, but you can bring in furniture and knick-knacks to make your office more cheerful or relaxing. The psychology of color says red can get you excited for your job and produce quick work. Blue, green, or purple may add a calming effect if your work tends to be stressful. Add yellow to bring in a happy element and energize people. Orange is considered the color of focus, productivity, and organization, according to the principles of Feng Shui.

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Add Natural Elements to Your Office

Studies show workers experienced a higher quality of life when offices were enriched by plants. Plants improve workspace aesthetics and air quality. A Norwegian study found that desk plants and flowers improve attention rates and help keep people focused on their work. Add wood and stone elements to bring in the outdoors and you won’t feel like you’re stuck in an office all day.

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Add Scents for Inspiration

Running diffusers with essential oils can provide relaxation, motivation, or any other emotion you’d like to incorporate into your workspace. Candles or flowers can also effectively add invigorating vibes and warming aesthetic qualities. Be careful not to use overwhelming aromas, they may disturb coworkers or displease clients.

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Don’t Forget the Details

Artwork can provide visual cues for you to stay on track or motivate you. A fun wall clock or a few cool desk items can bring you joy throughout the day. Lamps and vases are a great way to add color and decorate your office to give a more comfortable feel. Having unique office furniture can also bring in an element that may help you express your work in a whole new way.


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Get Motivated

Integrating some of these tips will help you find the motivation to get your work done and inspire you to work at your fullest potential.

Resolutions are Out, Words of the Year are In

Resolutions are Out, Words of the Year are In

By Leslie Radford


It’s the roaring 20s! In the past, we’ve all made resolutions. Some of us have actually resolved them, others were never accomplished. It’s disheartening to look at your year in review and realize that your goals haven’t been met. That’s why words of the year are so popular. They are not a specific resolution that you will beat yourself up over during the year if you try to accomplish and/or fail to do so.


Set Intention

Coming up with a word to define your new year will set an intention. It’s a word that sets the precedence for how you want to direct your year. Also known as a “focus word,” it encapsulates what you need more of, what you want to focus on, or where you need to improve in the year to come; Your “theme,” so to speak. 

Everything you do within the year will be centered on this one word to get you where you need to go. A word of the year provides an anchor and inspires you to consciously (and even subconsciously) consider it when making decisions. Your result will be based on your intention.  If the potential result doesn’t fit your theme, then is it worthy of your time and energy and how does it affect your overall goals?

Your Theme

When choosing your theme for the year, consider the previous year. What do you need to improve or work toward? What word can help motivate you to get there? What do you want more or less of? 

For example, if you are indecisive in your decisions maybe your focus word could be Action. If you need to focus on your revenue stream, Abundance would be ideal. Maybe you need to get your act together in general, Organize could be appropriate. 


Envision It

Once you decide your word, look for the theme in everything you do. Put it on your vision board or somewhere you can see it to remind yourself of the big idea you are working toward.

There are thousands of words that could motivate and inspire you to become a better person, a leader, an influencer, a business person, or whatever your heart is telling you to focus on for 2020.

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